The Dawn of the Muses
Music, Dance, Painting, Video-scenography
Il Giardino del Fuoco Production

The cultural association IL GIARDINO DEL FUOCO Arts Laboratory, in order to carry out the institution's aims, proposes a travelling artistic event for the year 2001, The Dawn of the Muses, orientated towards the knowledge of art, the foundation of peoples' cultures and a central and universal aspect in the life of every man.

The Dawn of the Muses was first staged in Prato, from 1st to 10th September 2000 , at the Emperor's Castle, following this in Padua on the 28th and 29th October, at the Maddalene Theater, and in Hamburg in R. Steiner Haus, on the 9th of November 2001. On all occasions the performance enjoyed widespread interest thanks to the local press.
The Association intends to continue the work done in 2000 by adapting the performances to the environment and co-operate in cultural and artistic development through partnerships aimed at exchanging experiences, research and study between artists, workers and national and international institutions.
The search for harmony inspired a group of artists to reflect on Man and the importance of art in his life. Coming from different experiences and forms of expression, these artists decided to cooperate by interpreting a common theme, the Zodiac, seen as a heavenly symbol that speaks to man through the universal language of beauty. Music, painting and dance are founded following harmonic laws to lead towards the reawakening of the creative power in every man.
Following the twelve paintings by Silvana Zambanini, connected to the solar cycle and created according to the laws of proportion, were three compositions for string quartet, works by Roberto Becheri, Riccardo Bellotti and Massimo Buffetti respectively, and finally the choreography by Maria Pia Di Mauro. Thus, this event of an artistic nature and with special contents offers the public a scenic concert lasting altogether approx. seventy minutes, in which contemporary music meets visual art and dance.

As well as the string quartets, the 12 paintings and the choreographic action presented on the stage, the use of the lights also seems significant, creating true living sculptures through the projection of colours and painted images onto the bodies. These lights furthermore extend rhythmically and suggestively into the ambience, onto the public and the same 12 paintings.
Finally, on an invisible screen, a video will be projected during the concert.

The aim of the association is to carry on the work begun om 2000, adapting the performance to the situations that will be found. In this way it will be possible to cooperate to the cultural and artistic development thanks to the aid of partenership interested in exeperience exchanges, in researches and study among artists, operators and national and international cultural Institutions.

Cultural Association Il Giardino del Fuoco Arts Laboratory
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The head of the project abroad
Massimo Buffetti
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