The scores in this page are all in Acrobat PDF format, which produces very high quality printout.
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Il cerchio magico
For String Quartet
Il cerchio magico PDF Score in PDF
18 kb
Il cerchio magico MP3 MP3 CD quality
1,3 Mb
Mercanti e Amanti
For Saxophone Quartet
Mercanti e Amanti PDF Score in PDF
81 kb
Mercanti e Amanti MP3 MP3 CD quality
1,3 Mb
Score for The Little Prince
For three Saxophones and one Horn
Prologo PDF Score in PDF
54 kb
Prologo MP3 MP3 CD quality
940 kb
Il sogno di Sly
For eight musicians: fl.,cl., perc., pf., vl.I, vl.II, vlc., cb.
Il sogno di Sly PDF Score in PDF
52 kb
Le scelte di ‘re’ Lear
Quintet for Fl, Cl, Vl, Vlc, Pf
Le scelte di re Lear PDF Score in PDF
69 kb
Le scelte di re Lear MP3 MP3 CD quality
1,5 Mb
‘Studio’ for Pablo
For Chamber Orchestra
Studio for Pablo PDF Score in PDF
152 kb
Studio for Pablo MP3 MP3 CD quality
1,2 Mb
For Three Female Vocalist
Outdoors PDF Score in PDF
19 kb
Outdoors MP3 MP3 CD quality
1,2 Mb
Notte densa
For Trp and Piano
Notte densa PDF Score in PDF
175 kb
Notte densa MP3 MP3 CD quality
1,9 Mb
Pop Song
For Guitar and Violin
Pop Song PDF Score in PDF
58 kb
Pop Song MP3 MP3 CD quality
1,1 Mb
Quartet for Harp, Violin, Cello, Sopran Sax
Incanti PDF Score in PDF
116 kb
Incanti MP3 MP3 CD quality
1,2 Mb
for electronic
Idee MP3 MP3 CD quality
2,2 Mb
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