He is graduated at Ferrara 'G. Frescobaldi' Conservatory and at Bologna DAMS University. He studied with Carlo Prosperi and Roberto Becheri, attending stages with Harrison Birtwistle, Gerard Grisey, Klaus Huber, Bernard Cavanna, Ennio Morricone, Franco Piersanti.

His work list includes more than one hundred instrumental and vocal compositions, in the field of chamber as well as symphonic music.

In 1989 he is at the Olympia Theatre, in Paris, as piano player in Jean Paul Poletti's band.
In 1993, as composer, he works at the musical projec for the Industrial Design Exhibition Idee in Forma - Florence, Marino Marini Museum, June 1993.

He obtained the Diplome d'Honneur by ACIERS, Art et Culture dans l'Industrie Et la Recherche Scientifique, July 1995, with the film 'Idee in forma', done in cooperation with the Department of 'Processi e Metodi della Produzione Edilizia' of Florence University, as music composer.
Further he obtained the second prize at the '8th Concorso di Esecuzione musicale' 'Città di Barletta' European Edition, for the composition Le scelte di 're' Lear, quintet for Fl. Cl. Vl. Vlc and Pf , (first performed in Ferrara, Italy, 'Casa Cini', May, 20, 1996, and in New York, N.Y. University, October, 14, 2002), the 2nd prize at the 8th International Music Competition Vittoria Caffa Righetti for the Quartett Incanti, for harp, sopr sax., Vl. e Vlc, (first performed in Ferrara, Sala Concerti Circolo Frescobaldi, May, 15, 1999) and 3rd Prize at the 11°edition of the same Competition for the String Quartett Il cerchio magico written for the research project L'Alba delle Muse (The Dawn of the Muses) travelling artistic event with Dance, Music, Video -scenery, projection and Painting connected to the Zodiac solar cycle theme (first Italian performed in Prato, at the Emperor's Castle, September 10, 2000, and first Germany one in Hamburg, R. Steiner Haus, November 9, 2001).
The reading-concert "Score for The little prince" , Florence, Italy, Piccolo of Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Genuary, 14, 2003, on text by A. de Saint-Exupéry, performed with Franco Di Francescantonio and AUTORIVARI ensemble, obtained first prize, in the Composition International Prize "The Musical Fable" among the 12th International Competition "Città di Barletta", 2002.

He cooperated with the Television Educational Center and the School of Industrial Design of Florence University as author of music for videos. He also cooperated with Shakespeare's Study Centre of Ferrara -Italy, writing compositions inspired on S.'s works.

He is author of ' 1 & 0 Seagull', reading-concert inspired to text extracts coming from 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull' by R. Bach, first performed in Florence, Italy, Villa del Poggio Imperiale, 2005, with Franco Di Francescantonio.

On 2006 new release with the CD Leggiero, RAI TRADE publishing, by Spring Art Development.

On 2007, for the same label, he is executive producer for the CD 'L'Arlesienne' by G. Bizet- A. Daudet, new version by Giovanni Morelli-Gabriella Bartolomei with Tuscany Orchestra conducted by Gianpiero Taverna.

During 2007/2008 he writes 'Hanno detto', Chamber Opera in one act on text by Marco Vichi, first performed with AUTORIVARI in Florence, Italy, Puccini Theatre, on november 2008 and then proposed again during 2008/2009 theatral season.

On 2010 a new version of Hanno detto, on text by Marco Vichi, with Autorivari ensemble, becomes a CD release, published by Spring Art Development.
He writes musics for 'Il tempo di Michelangelo', DVD with Antonio Paolucci, Gianmarco D'Agostino Director, on Sistina Chapel and Medicee Chapels, published by Natali srl.

Furthermore a new release of '1 & 0 Seagull', text from Richard Bach Jonathan Livingston Seagull, with Autorivari ensemble,is first performed in Florence, Puccini Theatre, 2010.

On 2011, as composer and piano player he publishes 'The Nothingness Factory' CD Rai Trade publishing, Spring Art Development, Autorivari ensemble. Music from the CD are employed in many Rai productions, such as movies, documentary, TV news, etc. The work becomes a live performance for instrumental music, images and dance, first performed in Florence, Puccini Theatre, on march 5th, 2011, with Stefano Agostini Flutes, Carlo Failli Clarinets, Luca Guidi Guitar, dances created by Julie Ann Anzilotti.

On 2012 new release of 'The Nothingness Factory', with music for images, in Puccini Theatre, Florence, Febraury 22.

On 2013 Nord European Tour with 'The Nothingness Factory'. First performances in Germany, Hamburg, Monsun Theatre and Denmark, Copenaghen, IIC Auditorium.

During 2013 he composes some musics for the coreographer Julie Ann Anzilotti and her dance Compagnia Xè. 'Evviva!', 'Uau' e 'La pazza gioia' are performed during the two following seasons.

On 2014 he composes musics for 'Otello', dance performance, with Arianna Benedetti as coreographer and Opus Ballet dance company. First performed in Florence at Florida Theatre on march with further performances on following 2015 and 2016 in Italy and abroad.

On 2014 as well he writes a new version of 'The Little Prince' by A. de Saint-Exupèry, adapted for actor and saxophones ensemble, produced by Spring Art Development and Fondazione Scuola di Musica di Fiesole Onlus in partnership with Fondazione Teatro della Pergola and Autorivari, with Maurizio Lombardi as story-teller and Alda Dalle Lucche as conductor of Eòs Saxophone Project.
First performed in Florence, Goldoni Theatre, december, and many further performances during 2015, , including 'Caffeina' Festival in Viterbo and 'Estate Fiesolana' at the 'Anfiteatro Romano' in Fiesole (Florence).

On 2016, June, he writes musics for 'Portraits', first performed in in Montecatini Terme, Regina Festival, by Anna Maria Castelli, voice, Susanna Bertuccioli, harp, ALda Dalle Lucche, sax and Elida Pali, cello. Texts are by Marco Vichi, with interpretations of V. Parra, H. Villa Lobos and G. Bartolomei.

On 2016 november the trio formed by Stefano Agostini, flutes, Miriam Sadun, violin and Silvano Mazzoni, guitar play in world premiere 'Come as u are', at the Sinopoli Auditorium in Villa La Torraccia, San Domenico, Fiesole (Florence).

On 2016 as well he publishes, as pianist and composer, 'Ricercare' with Fabbrica del nulla Project, for Spring Art Development.

The following related Live Concert is performed in Lighorn, as in advance, Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie, on 2017 January, and as world Premiere in Helsinki, in the suggestive 'Rock Church', with Stefano Agostini, flutes, Carlo Failli, clarinets and Luca Guidi, guitar, in partnership with the Italian Institute of Culture. Set Design by Tiziana Draghi, Rob Nigro Sound Project.
On following February 2, the concert is performed in Stockholm in the Italian Institute of Culture C.M. Lerici Auditorium and than in Hamburg, Monsun Theatre, on february 5, in partnership with the Italian Institute of Culture - Hamburg. Back in Italy in Rome 'Parco della Musica' Auditorium on 2017, December.

On 2019 new performances for 'The little prince', in Parma at the 'Casa della musica'. than Dance again with new performances of Otello, Arianna Benedetti coreographer and Opus Ballet. On July 10, 11, 12 and 13 2019, Labirinto ballet by same coreographer is premiered in Stuttgart at Colour Dance Festival. Preghiera ballet, by Arianna Benedetti is performed at Florence Dance Performing, september 2020, and further reruns.

On 2019 new Cd TE SEI ME, shared with Daniele Marchetti, is published by Spring Art Development.

He has recorded for Reaction Records - London, Diaframma Records-Florence, Abraxas-Florence, La Finestra Ed.-Trento, Spring Art Development, Florence, and transmitted by Rai and Antenne Deux.

He teaches Modern Piano in Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Music School.

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