AUTORIVARI, Score for The Little Prince

with Franco Di Francescantonio (Story-teller) - Alda Dalle Lucche, Lucia Danesi, Sandro Tani (Saxophones) - Paolo Faggi (Horn) - Massimo Buffetti (music)

Spring® Art Development Production

AUTORIVARI proposes music inspired by the reading of some extracts from the famous masterpiece by A. de Saint- Exupéry.

The original interpretation is carried on by the author of music, Massimo Buffetti, and the characters of the reading-concert, Franco Di Francescantonio,as story teller, perfectly absorbed by sounds and rhythm world coming from text and music, Alda Dalle Lucche, Lucia Danesi, Sandro Tani, the saxophone players, and Paolo Faggi, horn player, members of the excellent band, active on the scene.

The research of semplicity, balance and harmony, and the absolute rispect and devotion towards the original text as well, are the main ingredients of the performance.

The atmosphere is deep and essential at the mean time, emontions are sure, thank to an elegant and minimalist scenography.

In substance, an amusing and involving text, perhaps born for 'young people', but today one of the main 'cult' books for everybody, a concert-recital, in which text and music sounds blend in absolutely agreeement and lightness thank to the extraordinary interpretative ability of artists involved.
The choosen extracts from text are not singed from the actor.
Lenght: almost one hour.

The work has obtained the first prize, in the Composition International Prize "The Musical Fable" among the 12th International Competition "Città di Barletta", 2002.
Florence, Piccolo del Teatro Comunale, Genuary 14, 15, 16, 17, 2003

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